La Triennale Européenne de l’Estampe Contemporaine

La Triennale Européenne de l’Estampe Contemporaine. The aim of thisTriennial, organised by Estampadura, is to present the dynamic creativity to be found in contemporary printmaking in the Midi Pyrénée region and in Europe. It is an opportunity for artists from Europe and the region to meet and exchange ideas. Triennale Estampadura Pamiers, Salle Espalioux : Allemagne

Triennale Estampadura
Renata Jaworska stellt aus: Triennale Estampadura

Martin Ware invite les artistes Allemands qui ont été sélectionnés par le Jury de la Triennale. Il présentera six de ses dernières œuvres. Les artistes sélectionnés par le jury : BAUER Karin, BORCHERDING ELko, DEGELOW Frank, FOLMER Wolgang, JAWORSKA Renata, JAXY Constantin, KREMPEL Uschi, SCHÄTZMÜLLER Ute, SCHIEFER Welf, SCHIERHOTZ Uwe, SEREDENKO Oleksandr, THÖLIN CHITTENDEN Katarina, WERDIN Susanne, WESSLER Paul.

Dates : du 6 mai au 12 juin 2013

Vernissage le 10 mai à 18h30 Lieu : salle Espalioux, rue Jules Amouroux, Pamiers Mardi, mercredi, vendredi : 14h-18h, Samedi : 10h30-13h. 27, rue d’Alençon 31400 Toulouse Tel : 05 61 80 54 02 gsm : 06 26 90 59 23

Triennale Estampadura
Ausstellungsansicht: Renata Jaworska – Triennale Estampadura
Renata Jaworska
Renata Jaworska


Renata Jaworska
Renata Jaworska
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Renata Jaworska  Estampadura 2013
Triennale Estampadura avec Renata Jaworska
27, rue d’Alençon, 31400 Toulouse, 
Tel : 05 61 80 54 02, gsm : 06 26 90 59 23
Triennale 2013
La Triennale Européenne de l’Estampe Contemporaine , organisée par l’association Estampadura, a pour but de :
Présenter la création contemporaine européenne de l’estampe
Présenter la création contemporaine de l’estampe en Midi-Pyrénées
Favoriser les rencontres et échanges entre les artistes européens et les artistes de la région.
A LISLE SUR TARN, Musée Lafage, exposition de portfolios, livres d’artistes, et carnets de voyages des artistes d’Estampadura.
Du 1er au 22 juin 2013

Renata Jaworska, educated at the Art Academy of Düsseldorf, has exhibited extensively throughout Poland, Germany and London since 2004 and focuses on collaborative performance and painting. Most recently she has collaborated with twenty American and fourteen German artists in Lake Constance, Germany for the project Salem2Salem, a pilot scheme of Bodensee Kulturraum that encourages interdisciplinary art production and takes its inspiration from the Bauhaus movement. Her "119-minute circle" project also called "a dancing congress" was held on 14th of march 2010 at Whitechapel Gallery in London. She invited representatives of sixteen different nations who gathered at the "The Nature of the Beast" – international, round table to form a live human exhibition. The piece was instigated in front of an installation by Goshka Macuga that explored Pablo Picasso’s Guernica exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery in 1939, thus framing it with a reader-centric production of material exploring connections between art, propaganda and war. Each participant recited their national anthem individually followed by all reciting them again simultaneously creating a cacophony of dissonance, miscommunication and aural power struggles. The conference aimed to emphasize the rules of cultural identity whilst highlighting the sense of duty, individualism, thought process and behavior of each individual. Through this project Renata commented contemporary times, particularly the lack of communication among people and the feeling of loss experienced by many. Recording of the “119-minute circle” project as well as a documentation and research material would be a part of an exhibition Young Polish Art_ Metal at Metal Chalkwell Hall in Southend on Sea between 8th-12th of September. Born 1979, Poland. Lives in Germany and Poland